About Us

Here at grassseed.ie we  are fully committed to working with top manufacturers and suppliers to bring you the best quality products at competitive prices.  We welcome enquiries by phone, email and have expert staff on hand to offer advice if required.

grassseed.ie is a part of  EUROFARM & Garden Supplies Limited who supply a large selection of products to the farming, gardening and equestrian industries including equestrian products, electric fencing, hardware, veterinary products and equipment, milking machine parts and liners, dairy accessories, protective clothing, tools and horse & dog feed needs.

EUROFARM & Garden Supplies Limited was established in 1998 by George Power and Liam Walsh .  George has a veterinary equipment and animal husbandry background and was Sales Manager for Stockshop Wolseley for many years. Liam has a farm machinery engineering background and runs his own manufacturing company.

EUROFARM  is managed by George with the help of very experienced staff Annette, Mary and Leighanne, all of who are always available and willing to offer expert advice whenever needed.