Long Term (8 – 12 years)

CASTLEHILL (Dual Purpose)

Castlehill is the Long Term Ley with Rock Solid Performance.

  •  The supreme permanent pasture – Suitable for grazing and cutting.

  • Extremely versatile. Suited to most soil types and climatic conditions.

  • Extremely palatable for all classes of livestock.

  • Hardy and persistent to repay your investment with interest!

  • Excellent white clover blend (TWEED) which can increase animal production by up to 40%.

  • Invest in Castlehill for the ultimate in long term productivity.

Suggested seed rate: 13-18 kgs/acre (33-45 kg/ha)


LAMBHILL (Mainly Grazing)

Permanent sheep grazing mixture for harsh environments and marginal land.

  • Formulated for harsh environments and marginal land

  • Suitable for upland reseeds and bogs

  • Excellent long term sheep grazing mixture

  • Lambhill is also perfectly suited to extensive farming systems and all classes of livestock

  • Despite the name, Lambhill is also suitable for both beef cattle and dairy cows!

Suggested seed rate:
13-18 kg/acre (33-45 kg/ha)