Medium Term (4 – 8 years)

PROSPER (Dual Purpose)

Versatile and reliable dual purpose mixture

One/two cuts of highly digestible silage plus quality grazing

  • Very palatable mixture for high ‘DMD’ value silage and grazing
  • Every extra point in ‘DMD’ value can give a 5% increase in meat or milk production or give equivalent savings in bought-in feed
  • Two cut of top quality silage plus grazing
  • The perfect mixture for beef and dairy units
  • Production is concentrated on intermediate  heading varieties to produce two heavy silage cuts
  • Now accredited LGAN

Suggested seed rate:
14-16 kgs/acre (35-40 kg/ha)
Guide cutting height:
4 inches (10cm)

SCOTSWARD (Mainly Cutting)

For multiple cuts of top quality silage

Medium to long term cutting mixture

  • A later heading mixture capable of producing high ME silage
  • Particularly well adapted to the harsher climate of Scotland, Ireland & Northern Ireland
  • Two or more cuts of high quality silage plus aftermath grazing
  • Timothy inclusion enables Scotsward to stand up to the mower
  • White Clover contributes to quality aftermath grazing
Suggested seed rate:
13-16 kg/acre
(32-40 kg/ha)
Guide cutting height:
7.5cm (3 inches)


 TURBO (Mainly Grazing)

Medium to long term intensive grazing mixture for maximum production of milk or meat

  • New formulation using LG Animal Nutrition to optimise production of milk and meat
  • For intensive grazing with one cut of high quality silage
  • Very rapid re-growth
  • Suitable for both paddock grazing systems and set stocking
  • High tetraploid content can produce an extra two litres of milk per day
  • Later heading for stem free grazing
  • Optimise the cheapest source of feed on your farm – graze Turbo!