Top 5 Extend (2016)

Top 5 Extend is the premium grazing mixture for 2016. Top 5 Extend contains the highest performing varieties on the Pasture Profit Index list. The varieties selected for this mixture excel in spring growth and quality – meeting the demands of intensive grassland farmers. Top 5 Extend is designed to achieve high animal performance through its exceptional quality values and extend the grazing season with high spring and autumn growth rates.


Optimum spread of heading dates within mixtures for grazing and cutting results in better performance of the leys When cutting for silage, aim to cut 4-5 days before average heading date for optimum quality

Key benefits summary

  • Exceptional spring yield. AberGain is +114% for spring growth
  • Outstanding autumn growth rates
  • Highest quality varieties. All 4 varieties are highest in their heading and ploidy category for DMD%
  • Highly digestible leafy grass, encourages high intakes and animal performance
  • Contains the top 2 tetraploids and the top 2 late diploids on the Teagasc Pasture Profit Index

Teagasc and DAFM have released the 2015 Pasture Profit Index (PPI) which ranks varieties on their total economic merit. The purpose of the PPI is to assist grassland farmers to identify the best perennial ryegrass cultivars for their farm. The PPI quantifies the value of variety in € per ha/year. The sub-indices present the opportunity to farmers to examine the performance of varieties across the most important traits.